About Arielle

Arielle Juliette, owner of Dance Life Studio and Fitness, is an award-winning professional belly dance performer and instructor located in Madison, WI. Read her full bio by clicking the link below.


Arielle is dedicated to being a performer and instructor of the highest caliber. Versatile in a range of dance styles, props and instruction techniques, you won't regret doing business with Arielle. Hire her for any of the following:

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my website! I adore questions; if you have any at all, please don't hesitate to contact me by following the link below. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and share the art of belly dance!

                                  -Arielle Juliette


  • Performances at Parties, Weddings, Etc.
  • Bachelorette Parties- Learn a Routine
  • Private Dance Lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Choreography and More

“It has been my pleasure to watch Arielle dance from her earliest beginnings to the present day. Over ten years, this talented lady has become an experienced and learned performer with an incredible range of styles. It is said that in Middle Eastern music, the dancer is the physical representation of the music. Arielle does not dance to the music; she becomes the music. Her passion for her art is evident; in performance, she is the embodiment of the 'joy of the dance'."


Bill T.,

Professional Audience Member for 10+ years

“Arielle teaches to all ages and abilities. It doesn't matter what your age or shape is either. I'm 53 and a large woman. I've been taught that my curves are an asset to the dance and should be embraced. We not only have fun, but I've built some of the best friendships of my life through her studio."

Donna S., 

Student of Dance Life for 4+ years

What Others Say About Arielle

Master belly dance instructor and performer

“...The beauty of Arielle as an instructor is that you immediately are made to feel comfortable and an atmosphere is created where you fall in love with the dance and learn the skills to express the beautiful music thru your body as an instrument. She is incredible at making a fun atmosphere where you welcome the next challenge. She knows exactly where you are in skill set and how to push that for you on an individual basis. More than anything else, she sees the potential in you, even when you feel you haven’t met the person she is seeing in you yet..."


Victoria T.,

Student of Dance Life for 5+ years

"There is something completely contagious about the friendliness, energy, and love of dance embodied by the ladies at Dance Life! I started dancing there out of idle curiosity about Belly Dance, but Arielle and the DL ladies are so vibrant and fun, every class feels like it's over too soon! The thing that made me feel the most comfortable originally, was the emphasis on embracing your body for what it is, rather than focusing on changing it for some remote ideal. If you are even just mildly curious, I suggest you get on over to Dance Life and take a class. It's fun, and before you know it, it'll start feeling like visiting family :)"

-Anonymous Google Review,
July 2011

"I've never met a more positive and encouraging dance teacher than Arielle; not to mention one of the most talented people I have ever seen! She makes every bellydance step fun to learn, and she is so good at explaining new movements. I don't think there is anyone out there that can match her passion, ability, or inspiration."

-Anonymous Google Review,
July 2011